An Introduction to Handicapped Aids

If you are a disabled person, whether you have been disabled for a short time or a long period of time it may be wise and helpful to make use of handicapped aids. There is a wide variety of handicapped equipment that allows people with disabilities to live much fuller lives.

No one wants to lose their way of life or independence to a disability, but with the use of handicap accessories they can more than likely bring back much of the independence lost to the disability. Here we will bring to your attention the most practical and popular types of equipment for the physically disabled person.

People without the ability to walk use wheelchairs. There a many conditions that one may have incurred or injuries that lead to the use of a wheelchair. Now a days there many unique types of these movable chairs for you to choose from. The most popular are the types that are manual powered or electric. The manual wheelchair is the least expensive and the type you would see in a hospital, this type is moved by the occupant using his or her hands and arms to get the chair rolling. These chairs are very practical depending on the type of disability. These chairs are available at medical supply stores for purchase or rent.

Electric wheelchairs are powered by a battery attached to a motor, and is ideal for the person that is in need of the chair for the long term or even for a lifetime. These types of chairs are extremely expensive but can be leased, financed and insurance can often help with the costs. If a person is in need of assisted walking accessories and the wheelchair is too expensive, there are many different types of walkers and also canes that can improve ones mobility. The use of a crutch is another type of handicap equipment that is very helpful for short term injuries such as broken legs or sprained ankles.

There are also many handicapped aids that can be of service in performing everyday tasks. There are bath-shower combinations with access doors that limit the worry of slipping. Your doctor should explain to you the right handicap products available to you. Your doctor can diagnose your condition, treat the problem if possible or advise you of different types of equipment that will allow you to get around better. The physician will also be able to instruct you as to where you can find this equipment or accessories you need. In many cases, your health insurance plan will cover the cost's of your disabled equipment.


News for the Physically Challenged:


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